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The same should hold true when making marketing campaigns. In grandaliro, we specialise in the marketing of healthcare-related topics. Our team is composed of great marketing managers, designers and experts in medicine and law. That is the reason why we create campaigns that are successful while medically and legally correct.

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Our Services

In Grandaliro, we create and executeawareness campaigns, OTC campaigns or other communication activities aimed at HCPs and the general public.
These activities include:

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Brand awareness campaigns

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Market research and data analysis

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Marketing and communication strategy

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Sales support activities and product campaigns

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Communication aimed at healthcare employees

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Web platforms for HCPs and patients

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Marketing & project management support

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Social listening

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Social media monitoring

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Cooperation with patient organisations

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Patient support programs

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Education activities for patients

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Our clients

Our niche specialisation in the marketing of pharmaceutical products enables us to provide a wide range of services from online communication, social media management all the way to offline marketing and innovation.
Feel free to look at our selected case studies below.

  • Cortex21 Portal

    Currently, the biggest platform for HCPs (neurologists and psychiatrists) in Slovakia,
    which has quickly become very successful within the target group.
    More at cortex21.sk

  • Esoxx One Product

    Product website with a blog for Esoxx One.
    More at esoxxone.sk

  • Omoler Tool

    Omoler is a tool for easier monitoring of comments on social networks.
    More at omoler.com

  • Sclerodermia Disease

    The campaign aims to raise awareness of rare scleroderma disease.
    More at lekarodporuca.sk

  • Testimonial quotes

    We have tasked grandaliro with creating a communication platform for our niche group of clients. Throughout the entire process of conceptual preparation, finetuning the details and final execution, they were very responsive and swift when reacting to our requests. Our cooperation was and still is very pleasant.

    Mgr. Svätopluk Betina, PhD.

    Country Manager, Lundbeck Slovakia

  • Testimonial quotes

    We have been cooperating with grandaliro since 2019 when we brought our Facebook to "life" together. Since then, we have created a lot of quality digital content with medical, environmental and social topics.
    For us, grandaliro is a team of young professionals who are great to work with!

    Hana Spitzerová, MD

    Corporate Affairs Director, Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Testimonial quotes

    I evaluate the creation and implementation of a marketing campaign with grandaliro very positively. I appreciate professionalism, inventiveness, creativity, combined with an open and pleasant form of communication. I believe that together we will create many more projects that make sense for patients and healthcare.

    RNDr. Marcela Lovászová, PhD.

    Senior Field Product Manager, sanofi-aventis Slovakia, s.r.o.

A team of dedicated marketing and medical experts

Grandaliro team member Michal Zavodsky

Mišo Závodský


Together with our visual designers and the rest of the team, I create web pages and newsletters. Fun fact about me: I enjoy sports (my favourite are cycling and running) and I have more cycling clothes than the everyday ones.

Grandaliro team member Natalia Hromnikova

Natália Hromníková

Medical Copywriter

I create and edit medical texts for our campaigns. Fun fact about me: I have had an internship in a hospital pharmacy in Bali and in my PhD studies, I focus on the area of pharmacogenetics.

Grandaliro team member Petr Kriz

Petr Kříž


I create many of the visuals that grandaliro produces. About me: In my free time I work on writing mybook series or I am planning my next vacation that I will not go to (travel anxiety).

Grandaliro team member Adam Gala

Adam Gaľa


Apart from leading grandaliro, I am also responsible for the area of innovation, I create new projects and lead their execution. Something about me: I have organised the first Slovak conference about space-related business.

Grandaliro team member Miso Holan

Mišo Holáň

Performance Specialist

I design, create and optimise campaigns so they can hit their planned goals. In short, I do PPC campaigns. Something about me: I have never been to Croatia because it is too close.

Grandaliro team member Farrukh Saidov

Farrukh Saidov

Business Development Manager

My goal is to find new clients in the Czech Republic and other foreign countries, ensure their satisfaction and maintain good long-term relationships. Something about me: I love sweets, rock, tennis, box and playing piano.

Grandaliro team member Martin Haringa

Martin Haringa

Project Manager

I create, prepare and execute campaigns / projects tailored to the needs of our clients. Something about me: I am a chef,a pharmacist and a traveller, who always tries to find a way to make the future a better place.

Grandaliro team member Tomas Fulajtar

Tomas Fulajtar


Other than leading grandaliro with Adam, I ensure the satisfaction of both our employees and our clients. I believe an environment in which employees can grow and projects can run smoothly is the key to a successful business. Something about me: I love sport and I was able to accomplish the Half Ironman.

Grandaliro team member Daria Volochova

Dada Volochová


I write, edit and translate medical topics into comprehensible language. Something about me: I love when things are organised, traveling and together with my friends, I have created a platform which provides virtual sporting challenges.

Grandaliro team member Erika Osuska

Erika Osuská

Office Administrative Assistant

I am one of the first people you will meet during an interview and I will be the one handling most of the communication. Something about me: I was able to accomplish the Spartan race and I also organise charity running events.

Grandaliro team member Patrik Bilanin

Patrik Bilanin

Head of Project Development

I make sure that all of our projects make sense, run smoothly and actually add value to the society. Something about me: I like mushrooms, Japanese sencha, Taiwanese oolong, hiking, bushcrafting and fantasy.

Grandaliro team member Martin Buza

Martin Búza

Project Manager and Sales Associate

I partially handle project management, client acquisition and from time to time, copywriting. Something about me: I enjoy reading (although I should do it more), exploring new tastes (by cooking or gastrotourism) and I lose myself in the creation of tasty espresso.

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